The women who built Betty Crocker

Meet some of the trailblazing women who helped build, shape and grow the Betty Crocker brand.
Women working in the Betty Crocker kitchens

How Betty Crocker began

In 1921, Gold Medal Flour featured a puzzle advertisement on the back of The Saturday Evening Post inviting consumers to send in the completed puzzle to receive a free Gold Medal Flour pincushion in return.

But Washburn-Crosby, our predecessor company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, didn’t just receive the completed puzzles; they were flooded with thousands of baking questions from consumers.

The Advertising Department decided they needed a female persona to respond to the questions.

And that is how Betty Crocker was born.

The name Crocker came from a recently retired company director and Betty was chosen simply because it sounded friendly.

What happened next is a story of women, who in many ways were ahead of their time. Women who created, embodied and led Betty Crocker into the future.